CAS number:
Botanical name:
Illicium verum
Pure and Natural
Steam distillation
Sweet and spicy
Pale yellow to brownish
Main component:
80% - 90% Trans-anethole
Annual capacity:
150 MT
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An overview of Trans-Anethole (The main ingredient in Star anise oil)

Tech-Vina and the story of the Vietnamese star anise oil business

Potential for developing star anise in Vietnam

The technique of growing star anise to harvest leaves for essential oil in Vietnam

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Vietnam is the second country in the world in terms of area and volume exporting of star anise products to the world market. In Vietnam, star anise is grown mainly in the northern mountainous region. Before 2010, Lang Son province was the largest star anise growing area in Vietnam. After that, the value of star anise was raised, and the government developed the forestry development policy. Star anise grows further into Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Bac Kan, Quang Ninh, Lao Cai, etc. Currently, Cao Bang and Ha Giang are the biggest star anise growing area for distilling essential oils.

Star anise growing area in Vietnam



For harvesting twigs and leaves to make essential oil:
Farmers harvest once a year from October to November 12. The leaves are harvested and then left to wilt for 1-2 months and then put into distillation.
For harvesting star anise fruit :
The annual star anise fruit harvest season is divided into 2 seasons. The main crop starts from August to the end of October. The next crop starts from December to the end of February next year. To facilitate the collection of star anise fruit, before each harvest, farmers focus on clearing grass around the star anise roots to pick up the fallen star anise fruit easier.

Harvesting time twigs and leaves to make essential oil