Many areas of basil were die because of flood discharge and heavy rain during harvest time

Wednesday, 17:44 Date 15/06/2022

Currently, when the basil fields in Phu Xuyen Hanoi begin to harvest for making essential oils, the weather is not in favor.

From the end of April until now, the weather has changed erratically, heavy rain has often occurred and so far there has been no sign of stopping. At hydropower stations and upstream of the Red River, flood discharges are required, leading to an increase in the amount of water downstream.

The water of the Red River rises due to flood discharge and continuous heavy rain

Basil is distributed mainly at alluvial flats and on the side of the Red River. High water combined with heavy rain for many days has resulted in serious flooding in many areas of basil that are coming to be harvested. Therefore, basil is dead and cannot be harvested.

In 2018, the historic heavy rain combined with flood discharge from China and upstream caused all basil grown on the sides of the Red River to be wiped out overnight.

With flooded basil areas, farmers harvest early even though it is not yet ready for harvest. The amount of essential oil harvested is poor because basil is not enough old and the weather is rainy and humid.

Farmers harvest basil early to avoid losses

The production of basil essential oil in the 2022 crop is certainly lower than the forecast.

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